Yellow plums

Yellow plums

Prunis Domestica

Energy value

A concentration of energy for 100 gr of product.

45 Kcal


Piedmont, Lazio


Values for 100 gr

Vitamin C
9.50 mg
1.50 gr


Light yellow

The plum tree is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family that produces fruits known as plums.

Plums have its origins in the Caucasus. The world’s top plum producers are China, Russia and the United States. In Europe, the bulk of production is concentrated in Romania (900,000 tons), the former Yugoslavia (about 600,000), Germany (400,000), France (300,000) and Italy (150,000). In Italy the key growing areas are Emilia-Romagna and Campania. Other Italian regions where plums are grown extensively are Marche, Lazio, Piedmont and Abruzzo. Italian plums are available from June to December with several varieties, such as Sorriso di Primavera, Ruth Gerstetter, Ozark Premier, Goccia d'Oro, Black Gold, Stanley, President, Angeleno, Bella di Lovanio and Santa Rosa.

Tc Sun

TC SUN is a variety of Sino-Japanese plum with Californian origin. The fruits are large, spheroidal with a slight umbo, golden yellow with red pigmentation that is accentuated after the harvest, during the storage. The pulp is pale yellow, semi adhering to the pit, with an excellent flavour. Mainly intended for direct consumption, but also suitable for processing into jams or local dishes.

The maturation is delayed and takes place in the third week of August. The fresh fruit has a good sugar content (over 10%), vitamins, in particular A and B, trace elements, especially potassium (190 mg/100 grams) and calcium (13 mg). The energy value is 42 kcal.

TC Sun From 10 August to 30 September


5 a 6 Kg Big Tray 40x60x9 cm
10 x 1 Kg Baskets 40x60x14 cm
3 Kg Tray 30x50x6,5 cm
6 Kg Box 30x40x13 cm
10 x 1 Kg Baskets 40x60x14 cm