Yellow Kiwi

Yellow Kiwi

Actinidia Chinesis

Energy value

A concentration of energy for 100 gr of product

75 Kcal


Lazio, Piedmont


A concentration of vitamin A, C and K for a powerful antioxidant effect that counteracts the action of free radicals, slows cell aging of tissues and boosts immunity. A high fiber content for a satisfying sense of satiety, ideal for those who are on a diet.

Vitamin C
85.10 mg
3.50 gr


Yellow gold, with a sweeter taste and the richest pulp

Actinidia chinesis, more commonly known as kiwi, is a fruit of Chinese origin.
The plant is a large deciduous climbing liana which can grow to a height of 10 m. In nature the plant is supported by other trees or rocks, while the agricultural variety is largely sustained by its own trunk, the terminal part of which wraps itself like a tendril (like beans).

Soreli is a surprising yellow-pulp variety created by the University of Udine in North-East Italy. Its name, “sun” in the local dialect, perfectly sums up its summery sun-kissed taste.
This tender and juicy variety ripens in September and is characterised by a slightly acidic flavour that maintains a good balance between sweetness and acidity. The attractive yellow pulp is enveloped in a smooth bronze-coloured skin.

Soreli Kiwis From 10 September to 31 December