Product traceability

Giving customers the certainty of where their fruit comes from is a must for Gullino Import Export, hence its sophisticated traceability system. Originally designed for organic produce, the system has, over the years, become a necessity for all our products as a means of ensuring customer health and safety.

Traceability means that all produce can be “traced to origin”, allowing careful reconstruction of its history, from the table to the field, by way of a system that uses information recorded at every stage of the production process.

Our traceability system refers to each individual package and allows us to go back to all the Companies which played a critical role in the production of that specific product packaging.

To underline our commitment to food safety Gullino has decided to certify its traceability system according to UNI EN ISO 22005 standard: this is the industry’s benchmark standard for the application of EC food safety and hygiene regulations.