Celo plant

Strada Statale Dei Laghi Di Avigliana, 42
12030 Manta CN

Celo plant is located in Manta and it undergone several modernization works during 2014/2015.

There are 19 refrigerating rooms, and inside four of them Drive-in shelves have been built for an optimal exploitation of the available volume, and to allow an intensive storage thanks to the elimination of pick aisles. Thanks to the semi-automatic radio shuttle system, we achieved other remarkable advantages:a sensitive increase in safety, a maximum exploitation of the loading volume and a high work speed. With regards to the goods-in-process storehouse, we purchased a new 8-channel calibration line with 26 outputs and 7 packaging lines with optical sensor for identifying shape and external defects, and a sophisticated traceability system that allowed us to optimise the work. The installed software allows remote management and real-time changes of the settings concerning defect values. Through the installation of the new machine we had a saving in labour equal to 20%, better quality and greater product standardization.

At the end of 2014, in the same plant in Manta, we consolidated and strengthened the collaboration with our major trading partner Zespri.eu realizing a logistics platform for shipments throughout Europe.

Therefore, besides the activity of agricultural production, processing and marketing we have also added the logistic service thus completing the supply chain.