The Company works in all major markets in the world: 90% of the goods are sold abroad and the constant increase in sales volume has driven us to pursue a business strategy more oriented on the searching for new markets.

Under this perspective we have reached an important commercial result by making agreements with British, Spaniards, Germans and Canadians supermarkets.

Since a long time we have turned our attention to overseas export. In fact, the Company has been present for several years in markets such the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CANADA, ARAB COUNTRIES, INDIA, BRAZIL, CHINA AND TAIWAN ones, thanks to kiwis and plums export.

Our continous researches on the product and the orientation to an increasing internalisation have led the Company to acquire new commercial agreements for the sale of organic food.

In addition, new investments in technology allow us to commercialize a high quality product.

  • North Africa 3%
  • North America 13%
  • Oceania 3%
  • South America1%
  • South Asia - Indian Ocean3%
  • West Asia 3%
  • Eastern Asia 0,50%
  • Eastern Europe 13%
  • Europe 64%



At Gullino we firmly believe in investing in technology as it enables us to market a quality product. And it is precisely our unstinting search of quality that makes our customers never feel betrayed but always understood and fulfilled in their tastes  and choices, thus allowing us to build customer loyalty.

Marketing Manager Giovanni Gullino’s words.