Gullino Bio

Gullino Group is leader in the organic vegetables and fruit market, under GULLINO BIO trademark.

The Organic certification is synonymous of reliability and assurance in national and international markets; for this reason, our company decided to adhere to the four principles of biological agriculture: wellness, ecology, fairness and precaution.

Direct and widespread connections with the single producers allowed a more rigorous selection according to their global quality. Thanks to its quality system, our company ensures the total traceability of raw materials and careful quality control on incoming and outgoing goods from its cold cells. The relation with producers foresees frequent on-site visits to disclose to the farmers, all the required information and skills to standardize the products and services based on the different customers’ requests and highest quality standards set forth by the organic sector.

In order to complete the quality assurance task, our company resorts to analysis laboratories recognised at European level that take samples from the main lots to ensure total quality to the final client.