In 2011, they were put into operation 5 photovoltaic plants built on our corporate hangars.

With this important action the Company's facilities will produce about 1.8 MWh per year of clean energy, able to meet 30% of demand.

The installed plants, with a total capacity of 1.4 MWp, will allow to limit inputs into the atmosphere of CO2, SO2 and NOX with a considerable saving of withdrawals from the national resources and consequent environmental benefits.

Gullino Import-Export for this operation has chosen exclusively European products. The plants were all made by a Piedmontese company leader in this field.

The clean energy thus generated is used to pack products that will be sold.

In relation to this important business decision we created a logo, to sign our communication, which also remembers through the iconographic language Gullino Import-Export commitment in helping to save the planet.