Gullino Import Export S.r.l. works in the field of fresh fruit. The company was founded in 1969 by Attilio Gullino, who now is the Company President, assisted by Giovanni, his son, and Carola, his daughter, who both are CEOs of the Company. In over 40 years of business, sales volumes have grown constantly, making Gullino one of the leading Italian kiwis exporters of kiwis and other products such as peaches, nectarines and plums.

70% of the stored product comes from Global Gap certified producers and the Company has also positively responded to the birth of the organic food market by attaining certifications and by carefully following the procedures linked to organic product traceability.

Gullino Import Export is certified as per GSFS Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue of 7th January 2015 and IFS International Food Standard "Standard for auditing Food Suppliers" Version 6, April 2014.

A refrigerating capacity of 35,000 tons allows kiwis preservation for the entire sales season, ranging from September to June.

After a thorough evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics and origin of each lot, fruit quality is optimised by packaging the product at just the right time, also thanks to product analyses which are daily carried out by an internal laboratory.

In addition to Gullino’s own production, which accounts for 40% of shipments, the supply also derives from the best areas of Italy for fruit growing. The amount is around 30,000 tons, of which 60% produced in Lazio, 20% in Piedmont and 20% in the Garda area. In summer the Company packages and ships around 10,000 tons of peaches, nectarines and plums, ensuring supply throughout the July-October period. Production begins in mid July with nectarines and peaches. Big Top nectarines stand out both in terms of quality and quantity while, as for the yellow-pulp peach sector, the Rich variety is in great demand. The most sought-after plums are T.C.Sun and Angeleno ones, that cover the period ranging from the second half of August to the second half of November.