We are firmly convinced that the certified quality management system demonstrates our company’s commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction; it is our Company’s goal to comply in full with such certification in the awareness that it is a vital tool for documenting product conformity with industry standards, directives and rules and ensuring the quality and excellence for which we are renowned.

Product certification

Certification is, nowadays, a key marketing requisite for fruit and vegetable products. For this reason our company has, for several years now, been responding to market needs by certifying production.

All our farms are Global-Gap certified. The key elements of the standard concern the following aspects:

  • Health, safety and welfare of workers;

  • Protection and preservation of the environment;

  • Handling of waste and corporate residues and their re-utilisation;

  • Traceability;

  • Aware management of GMO and propagation material;

  • Management of the soil and fertilization;

  • Management of water resources and irrigation;

  • Integrated defence of cultivations and proper use of pesticides;

  • Management of harvest and handling of products in controlled hygiene and quality conditions.

Tesco Nurture, standard tied solely to a well known British food retail chain and destined exclusively to suppliers of the aforementioned distribution chain, and in particular, fruit and vegetable producers. The standard promotes and provides the application of Good Agricultural Practices integrated with Safety and Health of Workers, Hygiene and Safety of food products, respect for the environment, wild flora and fauna, reduction and re-utilisation of waste and pollutants, rationalisation and optimisation of the use of water and non-renewable energy sources.

There are also more specific certifications concerning Organic Products.

Pursuant to our goal of safeguarding the environment, our produce is characterised by responsible environmental safeguard practices: our orchards, in fact, in addition to the above-cited certifications, also adhere to the LEAF Marque global standard. The LEAF Marque global standard project aims to enhance customer confidence in responsible, environmentally-friendly farming practices that protect fauna and the countryside.

Tetto Bernardo and Gullino Attilio also adhere to GRASP standard with regards to social policies and employees, a certification that will be obtained by all our farms in the near future. In addition to the above-cited certifications, there are also specific ones for Organic products.

Production process certification

Gullino Import Export adheres to foodstuff safety standards, highlighting our commitment to ensuring that the purchasers of our fruit can count on full observance of hygiene and safety regulations.
Certification by the GSFS (Global Standard for Food Safety) of production processes during the storage phase is required by large-scale British retailers and by Anglo-Saxon purchasers in general.
IFS (International Food Standard): certification for processing plants required by German retailers and also organic certification.

Our company complies with some production standards requested by important distribution chains and in particular Field to Fork of Mark & Spencer, second-party, business to business certification scheme that does not aim to declare the product characteristics but to offer assurances in respect to the product hygiene and safety.

Finally, the company is registered on SEDEX platform. SEDEX is not a standard, nor a conduct code or a certification. It is a non-profit organisation with the task to induce distribution chains to further improve their work ethics. It is the largest platform used to share professional ethical data of the supply chain, and to share and review information concerning standards on work, health, safety, environment and professional ethics. Sedex is a worldwide organisation with members in over 150 countries.